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Powerlifting – THE BIG 3 – The sport in which the athlete has to dig deep in order to achieve 9 of the heaviest lifts they have ever done in their lives… to commands… without getting injured.

Titan programming will focus on key fundamentals to peak not just strength and recovery, but elevate your mind-set and cognition to drive focus to its optimal level.

You don’t want to nail the best squat in your life but be so unfocused that you miss the command.

Are you ready to start your journey to becoming the elite version of yourself?

For the platform competitor, you will not find a more in depth, monitored individualised approach to prep coaching than you will at Titan Coaching.

Your Titan coach ensures that your performance is optimised throughout both training and nutrition programming. Head Titan Coach ‘Tiny’, only takes on a limited number of clients for competition meet prep each year to build an Exclusive team. Every athlete is treated as an individual based upon their height, weight, leverages, digestion and personality.

We treat you like a champ from the get go and as long as you have the desire to become a champ then we will do our upmost to get you that title.