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A huge feat of mental and physical strength to endure a hard swim, bike and run against different weather conditions, environments and temperatures.

Performing your best at each stage requires different nutritional and fluid intakes to guarantee that you will finish!

Yes an Iron man requires more than just a handful of jelly sweets.

One training session alone can require more fuel than a bikini competitor eats in a whole day – hard to believe right? Try consuming 600g of carbs over 3 hours on a bike and not being sick…

Titan coaching develops a relationship with you and gets to understand what you can and can’t tolerate through trialling specific feeding routines and gut protocols in accordance with your training schedule. This enables Titan coaching to put together the perfect Race Day plan, having correct intake at designated places and works alongside your pit crew throughout the race.

If anything were to occur, (a sudden unexpected temperature or weather change for example can cause a ‘flag’ in energy) your coach will know from your pit crew and have instructions on hand.

Are you ready to start your journey to becoming the elite version of yourself?