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A Mix of energy systems being used in one session – having a max triple back squat into a 12 minute AMRAP of burpees, pull ups and wall balls and that’s just in the morning!

See some to the best cross-fitters in the world? They are JACKED and that’s because they run, they climb, they squat, they row, they use explosive power movements and they EAT!

Gone are the days where elite athletes think they have to fuel themselves on nuts and seeds…

Let me be the one to break it to you, you need more than squirrels.

Titan coaching have helped beginners just using cross fit for physical fitness and propel their strengths so much that it has lead them to international and world competitions.

If you want to excel in an extreme sport such as Cross-fit you need to understand what you need to do to level up… We work with your schedule and training patterns designing you the optimal plan to use with your Olympic lifts, gymnastics, your AMRAPS, EMOM’s and rope climbs.

Competition days are broken down into specifics so you will have specific feeding and hydration drills to adhere to making sure you are full and ready to tackle any obstacle put in front of you. The majority of the time, the Cross-Fit comps release the events 24 hours prior to the day, your Titan coach is on hand to have the game plan written and ready with the food sources you are accustomed to through past weeks of preparation.

Are you ready to start your journey to becoming the elite version of yourself?