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Contact Sports

Fight camps, where all the magic happens right? WRONG… a fight camp is to solidify power, force output and maintain a solid mentality. Strength and performance in the off season is optimised based on what session you are doing and when.

Have a run at 6am, strength and conditioning at 10am, grappling at 4pm WHILST aiming to make weight? How are you going to make sure your grappling session isn’t flat and weak AND ensure weight making is a breeze?

Replenishment post weigh in is not as fun if you puke every 5 minutes through re-feeding syndrome.

Your Titan coach will take your training schedule and ensure that every session is as strong as it can be, keeping performance markers in check, mental health in check and weight on track.

Weight making in the week lead up is personally designed according to travel and amenities, followed by a specific refeed plan to ensure no internal health markers are disrupted

Are you ready to start your journey to becoming the elite version of yourself?