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Bodybuilding: The practice of enhancing your physique through exercise – muscle growth and structure being a key focus. Nutrition is the key factor in growing lean tissue and retaining that tissue in a contest prep whilst taking into account all bio and health markers such as blood pressure, glucose, Heart rate and general overall feeling of wellness.

Competitive Body building is NOT healthy but we can make it as healthy as we possibly can based on the approaches we use Feedback and communication is the fundamental aspect to make your prep the best it can be.

No one should step on stage looking depleted, worn out or stringy… it’s bodybuilding not a dieting contest.

Are you ready to start your journey to becoming the elite version of yourself?

Full fact find at the start of your journey - what you have done previously, what you are doing currently and what the coach can see in relation to weaker body parts, size and condition from your last show

Analysis of what you are currently intaking including nutrition, supplements and PED’s* and a nutritional plan designed with YOU in mind

Training & cardio program based on your abilities, current gym set up and lifestyle availability

2 check ins. Week to manage mid week fatigue, mentality and digestion

Form videos analysed and feedback given via whatsapp on the days of your training session

Contact with your coach throughout the week for any questions within the working hours stipulated

Full advice on choice of stage wear, make-up, accessories and tan

Honest feedback based on condition and readiness – no coach will put you into a show when you are NOT ready…

By having a Titan coach manage your body building endeavour, you can rest assured that there will be no stone left unturned to manage your training, nutritional intake, supplementation and mental health.