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I started Titan coaching for the simple reason to educate people on what they are doing with their nutrition, how to enhance their every day lives and how to optimise their health throughout the course.

The majority of the time I come across top tier sports professionals across all disciplines. Strongman, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Contact Sports, Iron man, Crossfit and more. And they all have the same thing in common….. Misunderstanding the power of nutrition. I aim to take your current situation, make the tweak that you can adhere to within the scope of your life and watch you flourish in your chosen discipline.
Vicky M, RGn, MSc, SENR
Sports & Strength Performance Nutrition Specialist

Strength In Numbers

World Records

I’ve programmed & supported world class athletes to go and achieve the ultimate reward, world records.

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I’ve helped clients achieve their ultimate goals including podium wins and world class champions.

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I’ve worked with over 500 clients ranging from the average Joe to world class athletes.


Small changes do in fact make life-changing differences

Vicky created a nutrition plan for me that opened my horizons to new foods and sources of nutrition that I’d personally written off (I’m a fussy eater), she took in to account dietary restrictions, allergies and IBS when planning out my foods and in just a week I saw a massive increase in strength and well-being. This resulted in a podium position at the competition I had been training for.

Matt Cooke
Intermediate Strongman

Working with Vicky has improved his performance, physique & mental wellbeing

In the 6-months or so that I’ve been working with Vic, I’ve lost over 15kg whilst increasing my strength, and working towards a body I’m happy to be in, but more than any of this, I am sleeping better, have less stress and feel more confident, all because of Vic. I will want Vic as my nutritionist, coach and friend as long as she can put up with me.

Antony Alexander
Novice Strongman

Vicky takes all of the worry out of me being fuelled to perform, which lets me concentrate on the competition

Vicky supports me in ways way beyond just nutrition. Her nursing background and upbeat approach means that I can talk with her about anything concerning me about my performance, or things outside of that, and she will support me. I’m planning to keep climbing the ladder in the sport I love, and I absolutely see Vicky being a part of my journey. Her input into my training and competition has been invaluable and I look forward to seeing how much further we can go.

Chloe Brennan
2019 England’s Strongest Woman U63kg | 4th place Arnold finalist



A sport based on AESTHETICS but don’t be fooled into thinking that performance should not be the key focus here...


Titan programming will focus on key fundamentals to peak not just strength and recovery, but elevate your mind-set...


To be the BEST strongman or woman in the competition field, requires proficiency in a variety of events...

Contact Sports

Your Titan coach will take your training schedule and ensure that every session is as strong as it can be...


A huge feat of mental and physical strength to endure a hard swim, bike and run against different weather conditions...


If you want to excel in an extreme sport such as Crossfit you need to understand what you need to do to level up...

General Health & Wellbeing

Not everyone has a goal to get on stage, a platform or get in a ring. Sometimes the goal is to FEEL bloody good in themselves...

Extreme Sports

Motocross rider, or snow boarder, extreme sports require you need to have razor sharp focus and reflexes....

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